Kate O'Brien

Full-stack JavaScript developer

I am an energetic people orientated junior developer. The scrum approach was a joy for me to find. A high priority for me is good company culture.

Since moving to London, I've become a regular at meet ups including CCS London, JS frontend and Code untapped. Mentoring at Codebar and at the FAC meetups gave me a chance to listen and help others reason through challenging problems. I also enjoy teaching the Github evening in the founders and coders short course.

Right now I am focusing on learning cyber security and secure coding practices in my own time and regularly attending London Ladies Hacking Society events and other events to facilitate this.


A list of my completed projects is avalible here.

Nova Foundation App

At the time of the project, this was a newly established organisation. Nova aims to help families that have experienced baby loss at any stage. In our project, we designed and developed an app with comfort and emotional support in mind. The app functions as a place to keep memories, learn about grief and trauma. We included breathing exercises and ways to track one's mood.

Role: Scrum master


Working in a team with two new remote developers made this role more challenging than usual. Communication required a lot of care and attention. Keep the all the development team as well as the product owner (PO) in sync was a challenge. A key element was creating a decision matrix. Our PO took charge of rating them in relation to user value and we rated features in regards to technical difficulty. This made everything very visual and was an excellent reference point for everyone.

ReactExpressMongoDBCloudinary API Jasmine.js


Live version:here

LSX - Action Planner App

A mobile-based app to help users create an action plan, to organise and facilitate change. This was designed with kids in mind as the main group that LSx is engaging with currently are school children.

Role: Scrum master


There is no perfect recipe when it comes to agile, figuring out a way that is best for your team and the given situation is the way to go. Don't make the process another job, make it work for you. Use stand-ups, backlogs and Github projects in a way that works for you, not against you. So when it comes to scrum 'Play your own game'.

ExpressAirtable, ReactJest.js


Live version:here


A food sharing app to bring people together and reduce food wastage. A FAC student project build.

Role: QA


Making clean code, writing code that is maintainable and easy to understand is not something that just happens, it needs love. Larger projects can become disjointed with different peoples styles. One key aide is agreeing on meaningful naming conventions.


Async testing in Jest was difficult; when introducing the database it changed our routes from rendering static pages to include async data. This broke all our route tests. We changed the route tests to include async build script before each test, and an "afterAll" script which would close the database connection before finishing the test run. We repeated this technique for our database tests.




Live version:here


Founders and Coders is not an ordinary 18 week coding bootcamp. Founders and Coders is a London-based nonprofit that develops and runs tuition-free, peer-led training programmes in web development, guided by values of cooperation, inclusion and social impact.

It was a privilege to work as a doctor. I learned a huge amount beyond the practice of medicine. A packed Emergency Department hones your prioritisation skills. A cardiac arrest shows you how to be part of a team and how to work under pressure. Six years of medical school and your first year as a junior doctor teaches you empathy, time management, perseverance, humility and good humour. It was a privilege to be with people during the most vulnerable parts of people's lives.

Being a doctor was worthwhile and rewarding but didn't fill me as much as it drained me. There were the long hours, the lack of breaks and the pressure. The pressure to be perfect, to be the good doctor. The one who was never tired, never hungry, never in pain and never preoccupied. There was so much fighting. Fight for people who often had no one. I don't have enough strength of that nature. Accepting this about myself was heartbreaking. I'm not superman and I'm starting to not want to be.

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